GM Thailand takes action to protect the earth

Celebrate World Environment Day by planting 1,100 trees

GM Thailand supported World Environment Day by organizing activities related to environment safety and conservation. More than 350 GM Thailand employees and executives participated in tree planting and local fish release activities.

The activities are aligned with the company’s purpose and value: to serve and develop community where it lives and operates worldwide. GM is also committed to minimizing the impact of all of its facilities to human health, natural resources and the environment through sustainable strategies implemented internally and externally.GM-Thailand-takes

“General Motors has always been committed to the environment,” said Amnat Saengjan, GM Thailand vice president of Manufacturing. “This is the third consecutive year we conducted the mangrove replanting project. Collectively, GM Thailand planted over 1,500 mangrove trees which will provide ecological benefits to environment. However we were eager to do more this year hence we organized CSR biking to plant another 100 Pink Trumpet trees were planted. These activities reiterate GM’s continuing commitment towards a sustainable and green environment.

Over the years, GM Thailand has received numerous awards, particularly for its environment, energy and safety management. GM Thailand is the first automotive company in the country to receive the ISO 50001 certification recognizing GM’s commitment to energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in its manufacturing process.

GM Thailand is also certified ISO 14001 representing GM’s best-in-class environment management process. In addition, GM Thailand has been named Energy Star by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It has achieved the “zero landfill” status for its efficient and responsible process for recycling or reusing of all normal plant wastes.

The theme ‘Connecting People to Nature’ for World Environment Day 2017 encouraged GM Thailand to give back to nature and to appreciate its importance. There were two activities organized by GM Thailand starting on June 4 with ‘Bike to Plant’ activity which employees cycled about 12 kilometers to plant 100 Pink Trumpet trees at Nong Pla Lai reservoir in Rayong.

On June 11, GM Thailand employees also got the opportunity to plant 1,000 mangrove trees at Pak Nam Pra Sae, Rayong in an effort to restore the mangrove forest that is important to ecosystem and the environment. The local fishes were also released to the mangrove forest.

GM Thailand’s project has been recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council for its contribution in environmental conservation.

Mangroves are an important ecosystem on Thailand’s coastal areas, providing environmental and socio-economic benefits. They also help prevent coastal erosion and habitat degradation, support a healthy ecosystem for wildlife, and provide sustainable resources and livelihoods for the coastal populace.

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