PSC provides essential water to students

There are 90 plus schools in and around Pattaya which includes 11 major schools in the city. Many are in isolated areas and the children come from poor families struggling to make ends meet and finding it difficult to provide everything a child needs to complete their education which includes compulsory uniforms. Wat Nong Ket Noi School is but one example and Pattaya Sports Club was asked to solve a big problem which concerned the drinking water.

There are 600 students at the school and, when an extension is complete, the problem becomes even greater for there will be an additional 150 children. Clean drinking water is vital for everyone, particularly young children whose bodies are still developing. So it was an easy decision for the PSC committee.

The problems were immediately obvious: the filters had passed their sell-by date, the taps and the refrigerated water faced the sun most of the day, and the taps had broken. We noticed something that could help solve the problem: while there were no taps to supply drinking water, there were a dozen taps that allowed the children to wash their hands and faces.  New filters were installed on the existing, outdated filters were replaced, and additional taps were installed at both ends of the school.

Furthermore, a roof will be built to protect the refrigerated tank from the sun’s rays. The school’s director and most of the children welcomed YWCA representative Noy and representatives of PSC. It is a joy to experience the gratitude shown by everyone at the school for the efforts of PSC and YWCA.

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