Regent’s students entertain old and young

by Derek Franklin

A group of music students from The Regent’s School Pattaya performed at the old folks’ home in Banglamung and three children’s venues, including the Father Ray Center for Children with Special Needs.

At the Father Ray Day Care Center, where even toddlers sat in silence, most children heard classical music piano and violin music for the first time.

For students at the Pattaya School for the Blind, music is an important part of their daily schedule. All sat silently listening to a flautist from Korea, followed by four young ladies who sang. It was the trumpeters who really amazed the students, not just the music played but how loud these brass instruments are when blown just a few meters away.

The performances by The Regent’s School students are just a foretaste of the quality of music all of Pattaya may enjoy at the annual Picnic in the Park in May.

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