Students with disabilities graduate

by Derek Franklin

Graduation certificates were presented to 70 students at the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities after two years of hard work to successfully complete their chosen course. Courses included information technology, business English, media and electronic repair.

Many the graduates who came to the school in 2010 were away from home and family for the first time in their young lives. In the interim, they made friends and achieved goals they never thought they would. Many have participated in local, national and international sporting competitions.

With their training and new-found confidence and self esteem, they are now ready to enter the workforce as equals.

At graduation ceremonies each student came forward to accept their prized certificates as their names were called, along with their course of study and new employer. Presentations were made by Father Peter Pattarapong, president of the Father Ray Foundation.

Every student is now employed, working alongside non-disabled colleagues for equal pay and with equal rights.

Since the school’s founding in 1984, almost 2,500 young adults living with a disability have been graduated from the Redemptorist Vocational School, which the United Nations called one of the best schools of its type in Southeast Asia.

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