5 easy ways to please your man and make him feel loved (No, it doesn’t involve sex)

It’s understandable that you want to please your man, so we asked the experts how you can best do just that.easy-ways-0

Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon have your man bragging to all of his friends that he has the best wife or girlfriend on the planet.

1. Pocket Gratitude Noteeasy-ways-1

Learn which pocket he checks regularly throughout the day – it could be a shirt pocket, his back pocket, or his wallet.

Decide on some little thing that he recently did to make you smile or feel grateful. Write this down on a small piece of notepaper and let him know how grateful and appreciated it made you feel. Put it in the pocket where he’s most likely to notice it.

2. Lend Him An Eareasy-ways-2

Sometimes it’s hard not to interject your opinion when your man is at a low point. Resist the urge to solve his problem and tell him what to do. Instead, just listen and support him.

3. Make A Gift Of His Favorite Treateasy-ways-3

Shopping with a list is a good idea but next time, get him a gift of one of his favorite treats.

It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be his favorite sweet, or a savory delight. Just buy it and give it to him as soon as you get home, or save it for when he gets home from a long day at the office.

4. Flirteasy-ways-4

Every relationship gains strength from a little flirting.

Long-term relationships benefit a lot from flirting as it reminds you both about the good old days when the relationship was just starting and passion was high. He’ll want to be with you more and his love for you will strengthen when he notices the efforts you’re making towards adding a little zing to the relationship.

5. Take An Interest In His Interestswoma5

If your husband enjoys stamp collecting, get him the latest almanac. If he enjoys a bit of DIY, praise that new shelf he just put up even if it is slightly lower on the left (you can fix it when he’s not looking).

Taking an interest in your partner’s passion will boost his pride and keep him happy.

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