Bulletproof Your Marriage: 7 Things To Do As A Couple To Stay Connected And Keep The Spark Alive

Marriage is a promise to your partner that you will be there for them in both the hard times and the good times. If people are being completely honest with themselves, then this can be a tough promise to keep at times. The vows take care of sickness, health, and wealth; but what about boredom, lack of communication, or feeling unappreciated? These can all mean ruin for a relationship if allowed to fester and take hold.Women-Today-16-Jun-0

Everyone is aware that the dreamy delight of the honeymoon phase comes to an end all too soon, but that doesn’t mean the relationship has to slip slide into a despondent shadow of its former self. At the start of a young marriage a couple has so much to look forward to, and so much to share. There are some aspects of a relationship, such as developing a profound understanding and appreciation of your partner as well as raising a family, which can only be achieved if the couple stick out the tough times and remain inseparable for many years.

Luckily there are certain techniques that if practiced, will forge an even stronger bond between two loving couples. Relationship experts have studied the habits of some of the most successful couples and shared them so others can learn from them.

1. A Couple Of Kisses A Day

Start and end the day with a kiss. It doesn’t have to be a tongue wrestling match, just a quick peck on the lips to start the day and before bed to finish it on a pleasant note.

2. Three Magic WordsWomen-Today-16-Jun-2

It takes but a moment to say, but the phrase “I love you”, repeated every day has probably helped keep the romance alive in many a successful marriage.

Most people have habits that niggle away at our patience. These can be infuriating, but it doesn’t really matter if the love of your life has left the jam and butter out on the kitchen counter for the millionth time. You still love them so let them know it on a daily basis.

3. Pay Out The Compliments

When your partner helps you in any little way, pay them a compliment.

If they clean the kitchen after dinner, fix a broken cup, or tuck the kids in at night make sure you let them know you noticed and that you appreciate it.

4. Unleash The Inner Child

The sad thing about life is that no one gets out alive, so you need to take a bit more of a lighthearted approach at times.

Try a trip to the amusement park just like you did when you were kids. Visit the haunted house or go on the biggest scariest roller coaster you can find. A visit to the amusement park is incomplete without a bag or two of fairy floss, so make sure you get some of that.

Laughing and having fun together is always a bonding experience for couples. Make sure you have a daily dose of silliness at home as well, such as both of you watching your favorite comedies on TV, or a silly game that you both like to play. Pictionary can be hilarious, as can a couple of rounds of Twister.

5. Movies And TV Shows

This is one of the most relaxing things parents can do at the end of a long day of career chasing and child raising, and it’s as simple as relaxing in front of the TV.

Make sure the kids are in bed and all the gadgets are turned off; no distractions! Sit close to each other and cuddle or hold hands. Share a bowl of popcorn or chips.

This is couple’s time and it can really be something to look forward to. A tough day at work is easier to get through if you know there is some fun to be had with your favorite person at the end of it.

6. Working Out TogetherWomen-Today-16-Jun-6

Working out with your wife gets you two benefits. You both get fitter together and it also means you both get better in bed. Studies have also shown that couples who work out together are 94 percent more likely to continue with the program.

Women have indicated through surveys that sex is more satisfying when they are on a fitness program and being active. It’s not just the sex life that benefits. Being fit and active will also help you shed stress, increase your energy levels, and generally boost confidence in your appearance.

7. One Cook Is Not Enough

Cooking can be a lonely task if one is forced to go it alone night after night in the kitchen, but cooking together can be a powerfully bonding experience for many couples.

Do your food shopping together and cook up a storm as a couple. It makes cooking more fun, is a great discussion point at the dinner table with ideas for the next meal or ways to improve a dish, and can bring couples closer together as a result.

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