“How To Flirt With My Husband?” – 7 Easy Ways To Have Him Drooling Over You In No Time!

There’s no rule which says flirting has to stop once you’re married. You’ll get lots of laughs, give each other a lift, and confirm your undying love for each other. 0Women-Today-People witnessing your shenanigans will have no doubt about your happy marriage.

Try on some (or even all) of these seven tips to add a bit of flirtatious tomfoolery to your daily routine.

1. Spend Precious Moments Together At Every Opportunity

While the kids are outside playing, pull him aside and give him a passionate kiss. While you’re watching a movie and he gets up for a refill, follow him to the kitchen for a playful cuddle. When you’re enjoying a walk with friends, quickly sneak in a smooch while no one is looking. You could add in your best sultry look and see how much he enjoys it!

2. Let Him Choose

Women sometimes like to take charge and make the decisions but every once in a while show your appreciation and let your man make some of the decisions.

Put a selection of bras and panties on the bed and ask his opinion on what you should be wearing for the day. He’ll probably be thinking about how you look in the choices he made all day long.

3. Get Him Off Guard

You may not have many surprises left after you’ve been married for a while, but it’s still possible to throw in a surprise every now and then with a saucy display when he least expects it.

Where you can get away with it try showing up at his workplace in your favorite lingerie and treat him to a sexy display. A less risky option is to just send him a sexy text message or email (be sure to include pictures).

4. Pay Him A Compliment4Women-Today-

He already has a good idea that you think he’s a good-looking sort, but have you told him so lately how nice his arms are, or how much you enjoy the way he smooches.

Every now and then, throw him an entirely unexpected compliment or two to boost his mood and see if you can’t get a “rise” out of him.

5. A Light Touch

Whenever you get up from the couch to go to the kitchen, give him a feather light touch across his chest. While he’s walking by you in the hallway, grab him and give him a quick peck on the lips. While you’re watching TV, take his hand and give it a gentle squeeze (or while you are both reading on the bed). Eating dinner at a restaurant is also a perfect place to entice him with lots of gentle caresses.

6. Let Him Know He’s On Your Mind6Women-Today-

At random moments while you’re at work, send your man a few quick and dirty texts throughout the day. Try slipping a post it note into his lunch box with a loving message inscribed upon it. It sounds a little immature but it can go a long way to making your life together a lot more enjoyable and reinforce those marriage bonds.

While he’s being reminded of you throughout the day, he will start to really look forward to seeing you when he gets home.

7. Body Language Of The Most Flirtatious Kind7Women-Today-

A smile is the most central act to successful flirting with your husband or wife. He or she will be reassured that you enjoy his or her company and that will make them feel good.

Coy smiles to flirtatiously obvious winks will let them know in no uncertain terms how you feel about them.

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