How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Getting a guy to notice you is one thing, but how do you get him to really pay attention?women-0

We’ve got seven things you can do that will soon have him eating out of the palm of your hand and eager to take it to the next level!

1. Tone It Down A Notchwomen-1

When we want someone to pay attention to us, we have a tendency to want to give and do things for him, to show our interest and affection.

But it can actually have the opposite affect by appearing too needy or overbearing. Guys don’t like feeling smothered by a girl, and will be turned off by someone who does too much.

2. Laugh A Lot

Of course you don’t want to go overboard and look crazy, but guys love a girl that laughs at their jokes. Being a good sport about taking a joke is also a very attractive trait and can have him looking at you a little closer.

Don’t be afraid of letting go a little bit and having a laugh with him!

3. Always Look Your Bestwomen-3

Facts are facts – they call good looking people “attractive” because they attract the opposite sex. But you don’t have to be a model to be attractive; you just have to take care of your appearance.

Make sure you’re always clean and dressed nicely. Sexy is okay, but don’t overdo it. Dress in clothes that flatter your body so that you can be confident; confidence looks good on everyone.

4. Don’t Be Too Easy To Get

It might seem a little like playing games, but being a little hard-to-get works!

Guys don’t always want the “low hanging fruit”, they’d rather have something that’s a little harder to get. When it’s more of a challenge, they value you more.

What’s more, if he thinks there are other guys interested in you, his competitive nature will kick in – guys always seem to want most the girl they think they can’t have!

5. Work On Your Listening Skillswomen-5

One of the quickest ways to anyone’s heart is to let them know that you care about what they have to say. And men love it when they feel like you’re really listening to them. If you listen carefully, you can pick up hints about the things that are most important to him, which helps you get to know him better.

Don’t forget to ask him questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” answer – if you can show interest in the things he likes, even better! Be ready to give your opinion on his interests, but don’t dominate the conversation.

6. Learn To Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is a sign of honest intention, so making romantic eye contact can help improve your odds with your crush.

If you catch his eye from across a room, let your eyes linger a moment longer than normal. Let him know you’re looking at him. If you get one on one time with him, make sure you look him in the eyes while he talks and let him know that all your attention is on him.

A shy glance with a smile is another way to make his heart flutter.

7. Be Yourselfwomen-7

This is the most important thing of all – always be true to yourself and who you are. Don’t change yourself or deny things that are important to you just because you think it will make him like you.

If you start pretending to be what you aren’t, sooner or later you’ll end up being miserable. The strongest relationships are created when people are honest with each other and create a union built on trust.

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