The 2004 tsunami was man-made

Or did UFOs try to do us a favour?

Everyone knows that an enormous 9.0 earthquake triggered the gigantic tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands in south Asia.  Or do they? Some conspiracy theorists believe that the US and Indian militaries deliberately caused the tsunami with electromagnetic pulse technology. At the time these opinions were freely expressed by Al-Jazeera and have filled certain internet websites ever since.

One popular theory is that the United States government knew of the disaster ahead of time but failed to warn Asians in affected countries. So-called evidence is provided by the fact that the American Navy base situated on the Indian island of Diego Garcia was alerted and escaped unscathed from the disaster.

Another suggestion is that aliens caused the disaster as a way of correcting the planet’s wobbly rotation.  There’s even a “photo” of a Martian-like character observing the tsunami crashing into the Indonesian coast.  Some scientists are now claiming that the wobbly rotation of the earth has been corrected since the massive underwater quake.

Orthodox scientists have ridiculed the claims, pointing out that the weapons-testing theory holds no water because of the amount of energy needed to cause such a quake.  You would need so much energy and not even a billion tons would do it.  A wave activity might conceivably be triggered very close to the scene of a giant explosion, but its effect would be only a tiny fraction of the tsunami which hit the Asian coastline in December 2004.

Undeterred, conspiracy theorists have moved on to the possibility that the tsunami was caused by a secret Indian nuclear explosion, duly reported by the Jerusalem Post.  The idea is that India, in its heated nuclear race with Pakistan, received sophisticated nuclear assistance from the United States and wanted to test the apparatus. If thousands of Muslims were killed, India and the United States wouldn’t be too concerned, goes the argument.

In the last two years, focus has again switched to the UFOs.  According to some observers, UFO sightings before the earthquake and tsunami were very unusual for that part of the world.  The United States Geological Survey and Ocean Monitoring Agency knew about the imminent earthquake but decided to do nothing.  Warnings could have been given to countries in the region, but in fact none were made.  Are we already controlled by beings from outer space?

As ever, the conspiracy enthusiasts are not united but put forward a variety of competing or even flatly contradictory claims.  On the one hand, the Americans and the Indians wanted to explode a nuclear device to keep one jump ahead of the Pakistanis.  But, on the other hand, the idea was to kill as many Muslims as possible throughout the continent.  Or, if UFOs were responsible, maybe they were demonstrating their capacity to control earthly governments or, on the other hand, just doing us a favour by correcting our wobbly tilt.  We’ll just have to wait until the next time.

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