Cat Corner Tip

Wake up and smell the kibbleCat-Corner-Tip

If your cat spends the entire day sleeping—or appearing to be asleep—she may be in need of visual stimulation. One of the easiest ways to fight boredom is to enlist the help of Mother Nature.

Cats love looking out the window to see what’s going on, to spot passing birds or to gaze upon unidentified moving objects in the distance. If you don’t have an ample windowsill, consider installing a comfortable window shelf or setting up a table—replete with soft pillow, where she can while away the hours. If the view lacks visual stimulants, place some items outside the window–a bird feeder, mobile, spinning weather vane or wind chimes.

As an alternative, get a cat tree. A tall cat tree. Ms Kitty loves to be as high up as possible so she can survey her domain, and a cat tree provides a safe and sturdy way for your cat to see the world from the highest vantage point. (This may preclude her nesting on your bookcase or atop the TV.)

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