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Boning Uppet-rx

While it’s a good idea to give your dog something to chew on, bones may not be the best choice; they might be too sharp, too brittle and splinter, or too large yet ingested—all of which are risky to your pet.

That said, chewing is a normal canine behavior and provides dental benefits.  Consider getting your furry friend a safe chew toy. Perhaps something that can be stuffed with food or treats that is nearly indestructible and also provides some of the same benefits as bones do in terms of chewing and mental stimulation.

If and when you do give your puppy a bone to chew on, remember to avoid chicken bones; they splinter easily. Standard raw bones can be dangerous, too, since there is a potential for food-borne disease from the bacteria present on raw meat. Thoroughly cooking bones can prevent food-borne disease, but this may make the bones softer and more likely to splinter.

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