Scratch This

Is your pet scratching? It may be time for a flea bath—or not. Dogs and cats itch for reasons other than fleas. But here in Pattaya, it’s a good bet that the culprits are fleas because the little buggers love our humidity and warmth.Scratch-This

Fleas bite, and their saliva is very allergenic to susceptible animals. This causes skin redness, itching, biting, scratching, chewing, crusts in the skin, and even a greasy feel and strong odor for some pets. In non-allergic animals, symptoms are not as severe.

In any event, before applying any type of flea shampoo, powder or lotion, make sure that your pet does indeed have a flea-induced skin problem because many treatments can be dangerous, particularly if used improperly.

So if not fleas, what else could it be? Your veterinarian can answer that question and provide treatment. He or she will probably suspect other parasites, an allergy and skin or fungal infection.

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