Sort of best of friends

Miss Mimi (milk chocolate) and Mr Boy (light ginger) are both emergency, wild refugees from the Pattaya Today office garden.  Needing a home rather urgently as the supply of frogs and geckos was running out, they were accommodated some miles away by a staff member with a soft heart.  Miss Mimi came first.  Dignified and ladylike she soon learned how to be mistress of her new surroundings, demanding an instant meal by pawing and even lightly scratching the leg of one of the humans residing in the bungalow residence.  Miss Mimi knows exactly how to control anybody and anything, on two legs or four, who is within her area of influence.  A Queen Victoria-like figure, she looks on life in a disdainful way but can’t resist coming for an occasional cuddle when her favorite human is in bed or snoozing on the settee.

Mr Boy arrived several months later.  He was a very small kitten and Miss Mimi was not best pleased by a new arrival, or rival might be a better term.  Consequently it was necessary to keep them apart for the first few days.  Mr Boy was very irritated by this restriction on his movements and spent hours pawing at the closed door in a vain attempt to join the rest of the household.  When he was eventually released into the dining room, Mr Boy knew exactly what to do – roll over on his tummy and show deference to Miss Mimi who at once adopted him as her own. A delighted Miss Mimi, who had already had surgery, was a mother after all! Both were equally gratified to have found a relative.

For the first year, Miss Mimi dominated Mr Boy in every sense and could box his ears, so to speak, whenever the mood took her. But kittens have a habit of growing bigger and Mr Boy was to discover that he could outwit and outflank Miss Mimi simply because he was eventually two kilos heavier.  In desperation Miss Mimi took to biting Mr Boy on his tail and back and, in retaliation, Mr Boy chased Miss Mimi in threatening vocal tones all round the house and garden.  Occasionally they would fight for real though mere human beings can’t begin to understand way.  As the poet W.H. Auden said, “He who interferes in the affairs of cats, will be sadly disappointed in trying to understand the outcome.”

Almost three years later Miss Mimi and Mr Boy have reached a deal.  She continues to walk around as if she owns the place and frightens away the smaller street cats who roam the district looking for food.  Her favorite position is at the front gate which she guards as if she was defending Fort Knox against all comers.  Mr Boy looks after the serious stuff and takes on the larger feral cats who try to come inside and steal any food which has been left on the plate.  The compromise works well and, for the most part, the two moggies live in peace and harmony, even licking each other when the fancy takes them.  Obviously, no other cats are allowed on the hallowed ground. Domestic cats know very well when they are on to a good thing.   The lesson of Miss Mimi and Mr Boy is that you should always have at least two cats in your abode.  They are so much more interesting than a solo performance.

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