A night to remember…M.I.S. Prom!

Saturday, July 8 marked the annual Mooltripakdee International School Prom. Students from Middle School were invited to celebrate the end of term and Year 9 students celebrated graduating from Middle School into Year 10, secondary education.

The elaborate evening consisted of a catered dinner, music performances, a fashion show, student speeches, and ultimately the crowning of King and Queen of the prom. The attending students also took part in karaoke and dancing.  A fun-filled night of fun was had by all.

Middle School Math teacher Miss Morgan, who attended the evening of celebrations, said,  ”It was a great turn out, the students looked fantastic! It was a great to see the students enjoying themselves, dancing and singing. The prom was a huge success.”

Victoria, from Year 9, has been attending M.I.S since she was two years old. She also acknowledged how successful the evening was. She commented that over the years she has seen so many positive changes and growth occurring at M.I.S and the prom really encapsulated the positive developments at school. She added, “It was a great prom, everyone was very happy. The Key Stage three building, where Prom took place, was beautifully decorated and it really was a team effort. A lot of effort went onto the Prom and it was just great. The thing I love about M.I.S is that the staff and students are so friendly”.

A quick interview with M.I.S Prom King and Queen, Apichaya ‘Beem’Boonmak and Patrick Ruddell

Hi, congratulations! You must be really pleased about becoming the King and Queen?

B -Oh yes, I am so happy and so excited, it was a great surprise!

P -I feel excited, I was shocked, I had no idea I would be Prom King!

What did you do to be crowned King and Queen?

B – I did a fashion model walk in the fashion show and I made a great effort with my dress and appearance!

P – My outfit was the best!!

What did you wear?

B -A really beautiful dress, from a shop belonging to my mum’s friend.

P – I wore a suit and a white shirt, I chose it myself. I am pretty dapper!

How does being the M.I.S. Prom Queen and King make you feel?

B – So happy and very proud.

P – I feel like the school really respects me!

What advice do you have for future aspiring prom Kings and Queens?

B-You should be a good role model to others.

P – You should be yourself!

Finally, the theme of M.I.S. Prom was ‘A Night to Remember.’  What will you remember about the night and this past year at M.I.S.?

B – How happy I feel and the good times I have had with my friends.

P – What a great time I had at prom and how my friends and teachers have always been by my side to support me!

Patrick and Beem will both continue their studies at MIS next term in Year 10. Beem hopes one day to become a veterinary surgeon whilst Patrick isn’t so sure about his intended career, however, we think stardom could definitely await him!!

Sarah Daniels is a Middle School Music teacher at Mooltripakdee International School.

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