End of term fun

Before returning home for the Songkran and Easter holidays, students from The Regent’s School Pattaya participated in an unusual day of fun. A large group of children from the Father Ray Children’s Home were invited to The Regent’s School to host two workshops, one for Thai dancing and the other for Muay Thai boxing. At some point during their time in Thailand most Regent’s students had seen Thai dancing, but almost none had ever taken part; most soon realized that it is not as easy as it looks.

All students and teachers visited the dance workshop and within 30 minutes had to perform an intricate traditional dance routine. There were a few embarrassed faces, mostly from the boys who had no interest in learning to dance, but as the minutes passed they became more and more enthusiastic until with just a few minutes to go the whole group danced in unison.

Moving on to the Muay Thai workshop, students were given a demonstration by the young boys from the Children’s Home, and were then taught the correct way to punch and kick an opponent.

For the majority of students it was the first time they had ever donned a pair of boxing gloves or kicked an opponent, but everyone had a great time before moving outside to throw water on one another in the tradition of Songkran.

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