Fountain of Life Visit

Another in a series of articles by students at the International School Eastern Seaboard.

by Mook Wongdee, Thai Student Council President

On Wednesday, February 15, some of the student council members, including Ms. Murray and myself visited the Fountain of Life. We went there to donate the money that we raised from Walk-a-Thon. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped raise money. All the kids clearly appreciated it very much. The Fountain of Life is a center where unfortunate children can spend time and learn necessary life skills. There are several teachers that teach the kids various classes. One of the things that Fountain of Life does is prepare these underprivileged children for school. Each day when their parents drop them off, they are to deposit about 20 baht or so, until they reach enough money to send their children to school. I think I can say this on behalf of everyone: we had a great time playing with the kids! They seemed to enjoy our company, and hopefully we can go back soon!”

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