Oxford Schools ready to begin new terms

THE school year ended but it was nevertheless a busy time at the Oxford Junior School in Pattaya and the Oxford Nursery and Kindergarten in Sriracha due to the summer schools. Now they too have finished in time to usher in Songkran. The school year passes so quickly, with so many memories for so many people to hold on to.

Summer school was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. It was particularly fun for the children who relished the field trips and “summer camp” (I have never seen so many torches in one place). Trips to Underwater World and Silverlake were exciting, as was the train ride from the Pattaya train station–which I found nostalgic; I had not been on a train like that for more than 30 years.

It was truly magical to see the children’s faces light up at some of the wonderful and amazing things that we experienced on the trips. The children were excited about the Golden Bhudda on the mountain near Silverlake, a beautiful monument in a wonderfully-kept environment. When we get back to school there will certainly be some exercises about that trip.

Attention is now turning to the new terms. Meetings are scheduled for the teaching staff and directors in preparation for the openings of the Oxford Junior School on May 4 and the Oxford Nursery and Kindergarten on May 9.

A warm welcome awaits all current students who, in turn, will participate in the equally-warm welcome that will be extended to new students. Student population has grown slowly over the last 10 years. However, with the recent inauguration of the Oxford Nursery and Kindergarten, we expect a dramatic increase in overall student numbers.

If you or someone you know is looking for a placement for a child in a friendly, caring environment, call Teacher Benz on 0879116704 or 0861485208. You may also contact the school via e-mail at oxford-junior@hotmail.com.

The school soon will have a Website providing all relevant contact information. The staff at the Oxford Junior School and the Oxford Nursery and Kindergarten will be happy to discuss the schools’ curriculum and philosophy with you and, if required, arrange a tour of the schools’ facilities.

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