Rock the School by Hard Rock Pattaya

Rock-the-School1Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya’s “Rock the School” granted scholarships to impoverished students in Chonburi. “Rock the School” was formed by the hotel’s management team and philanthropic committees and helps students develop their potential and aims to support students in grades 7 to 12 (ages 13 to 18) from low-income backgrounds by granting a 28,000-baht scholarship per student per academic year until they graduate from high school or vocational school. The project gave scholarships to five students in 2014, another five students in 2015, another eight students in 2016 and six students this season. The “Rock the School” project has 24 students under its care in 2017. Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya grants 4,000 baht each academic year to each student for new books, uniforms and tuition fee, and an additional 2,000 baht every month to each student for living expenses.Rock-the-School2

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