You always remember your best teacher!

by Dr Robert Brewitt

The most impressionable years are your early years, with those around you having a big influence on how you will develop. This includes your parents, peer group and, arguably, most importantly your teachers. Teachers make a huge impression. For example, I bet you can remember your best teacher when you were at school. They are the unsung heroes of society’s evolution.
I am passionate about giving children the very best foundation through education, which is why at International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE) I demand the very best in teaching standards. The staff is drawn from ten countries to ensure breadth, and all classroom teachers hold a bachelor or masters degree in education and continue to develop their professional expertise.
Teachers are one of the conduits passing on experience and knowledge of yesterday and ensuring students then know how to go on and develop this and take society forward. Can you imagine the impact of bad teaching in passing on flawed or inaccurate messages? It’s fundamental for a school’s success that teachers are not only driven but qualified to deliver good education, and this often is lacking in Thailand.
To successfully pass on information – education – you need to create the right environment and stimulate students’ minds. At ISE we achieve this through small classroom sizes and encourage student interaction and participation. As a parent your role is to encourage and motivate your children into not just wanting to learn but to enjoy learning. Indeed your own wealth of experience is invaluable in helping your children get the most from their education. Our children are indeed our future and so equipping them with the best education we can afford is one of the most vital gifts we can give to them.

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