Thailand Gears Towards Creating An Electric Mobility Society With Zero Emission

INNOVATION! ChargeNow charging stations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

by John K. Lindgren


by John K. Lindgren

BMW Group Thailand together with Polytechnology Co., Ltd., Greenlots, Central Group and AP (Thailand) PCL signed a landmark memorandum of understanding (MoU) to further the commitment to drive development and adoption of electric mobility in Thailand. The agreement will see the launch of ChargeNow – the world’s largest network of public charging stations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids of any make and model – in Thailand with 50 stations nationwide during an initial network preparation phase. “BMW Group is committed to sustainability in every market where we work in, from our products to our service offering, which includes charging solutions for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The launch of ChargeNow in Thailand marks yet another major step forward as we work towards the vision of a truly sustainable future. With the introduction of service that facilitates and simplifies the charging process, we hope to spark greater interest in these automobiles of the future among Thai consumers while also strengthening efforts to drive sustainable national development with electric mobility innovations,” said Stefan Teuchert, president, BMW Group Thailand.

EV/PHEV vehicles charging made easy

BMW Group Thailand partners with Polytechnology and Greenlots, leading providers of electric vehicle charging solutions, specializing in open standards, cloud-based platforms and mobile applications. Greenlots has installed 150 charging stations at more than 70 locations across Singapore. In Thailand, Greenlots joined force with Polytechnology to offer up to 50 EV/PHEV charging stations during an initial network preparation phase. “It is a great pleasure for us at Polytechnology and Greenlots to collaborate with BMW Group Thailand to initiate ChargeNow operation for all EV/PHEV vehicles in Thailand. We are very pleased to work together with all pioneering partners who recognize the importance of sustainable growth and to mutually create electric society for years to come,” said Narratchai Leeraphante, president, Polytechnology Co., Ltd. In collaboration with ChargeNow, Polytechnology and Greenlots make the EV/PHEV charging process simple and easy, as it should be. Available with two-way charger that can be compatible with both AC Type I and Type II in one machine, ChargeNow customers will be able to charge their vehicles conveniently, regardless of make or model.

Prime locations for ChargeNow nationwide

As the first ChargeNow partnership for charging locations in retail properties, the Central Group is Thailand’s largest and most sophisticated developer of retail business nationwide. With a network of over 30 premium shopping centers, the Central Group is undoubtedly the retail property leader and offer ideal locations for ChargeNow customers with easy accessibility and attractions while the vehicles are being charged.

Isareit Chirathivat, senior vice president of Central Pattana Public Company Limited, said “the Central Group is committed to steady, sustainable growth, with the next step being a world-class organization and retail developer. At the same time, we are committed to deliver extraordinary experiences and values that exceed our customers’ expectations. ChargeNow and the entire concept of electric society is clearly a step towards the future, which we foresee tremendous growth not only worldwide, but also in Thailand. As a result, it is our great pleasure to become one of the founding partners of ChargeNow, offering easy access to charging points starting first with 13 locations nationwide including Central World, Central Embassy, Central Chidlom, as well as Central Plaza, Central Festival, and Robinson.”

On the residential property side, AP (Thailand) PCL a leading property development company, offering a wide range of residential properties including townhouses, detached houses and condominiums. Each development project is located in a convenient residential neighbourhood or very close to the central business area, thus offering easy access to ChargeNow customers with peace of mind in home charging solutions.

Vittakarn Chandavimol, chief of Business Group – Condominium, AP (Thailand) PCL, said, “For 25 years, AP Thailand’s ultimate goal remains the same. We dream for better living. We dream to create homes that cater to all dimensions of modern life. We welcome new ideas, new living solution, innovative space utilization for better living thus ChargeNow is an entirely new aspect of modern living in electric community, targeting to achieve low-carbon environment. We are pleased to team up with other pioneering partners of ChargeNow to create a better living space for the next decades.”

As Thailand’s first commercial charging solution for EV/PHEV with pioneering partners, ChargeNow welcomes more parties to join, aiming to create electric society towards zero emission in Thailand. ChargeNow currently covers over 65,000 public charging outlets for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in 27 countries around the world to provide motorists with a fast and convenient way to top up their vehicle batteries. In Thailand, ChargeNow stations will be displayed on the customer’s smartphone or on the website. In most cases customers can also see whether the charging station is free or in use. In the implementation phase, the ChargeNow card will be provided to ChargeNow customers in order to give customers accessibility to the ChargeNow stations at any of the partnership locations, allowing them to start the charging process. At the end of each month, customers will be sent an overall bill and overview of all charges – as with a mobile phone contract.

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