Barometer Earthstar Duo: Isan Salad and Barramundi in Banana Leaf


For Larb Hed
120 grams basa mushroom
15 grams fresh coriander
10 grams big shallots
15 grams spring onion
30 grams chicken breast
25 ml Isan (larb) sauce
1 pc lime
5 grams mint leaves

For Hor Mok
150 grams fresh white seabass
Barometer-Earthstar-Duo_Flare80 grams basa mushroom
15 grams lemongrass
20 grams brown shimeji mushroom
20 grams white shimeji mushroom
20 grams peeled Thai shallot
20 grams napa cabbage
10 grams lemon basil
15 grams dill
5 grams kaffir leaves
20 ml stir-fry sauce


For Larb Hed
• Cut barometer earthstar (basa mushroom) into small pieces and parboil. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
• Dice coriander, Thai shallots, and spring onion.
• Boil chicken breast and shred finely.
• Add seasoning (fish sauce, lime, chili powder, roasted rice) in the bowl and mix together.
• Serve in the clay pot and top with mint and sliced shallots.

Amnat-(Ble)-ChaikhonburiFor Hor Mok
• Fillet the seabass.
• Cut barometer earthstar (basa mushroom) into small pieces.
• Slice lemongrass, shimeji mushrooms, Thai shallots, napa cabbage, lemon basil, dill, and kaffir leaves.
• Put in a mixing bowl and add fish sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, black pepper and mix together.
• Wrap in banana leaf and steam for 15 minutes.
• Serve in the banana leaf.

Hor Mok and Larb Special
Serve with soft-boiled duck egg, fresh vegetables and spicy chili dip for hor mok.

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