7 Days 7 Themes Lunch at Edge

Enticing lunch with a view at Hilton Pattaya

by Mick & Di,

The Food Lovers


The unique structure of Hilton Pattaya has become a well-known landmark along Beach Road since its opening some five years ago. Soaring 34 levels above Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping complex, it is distinctive in its design and matchless in its interior décor. Located on the 14th floor is their all-day-dining restaurant, Edge. With sweeping panoramic views of Pattaya Bay, dramatic floor to ceiling windows, zoned seating areas and a sensational terrace, Edge is one of the best restaurants in which to enjoy an impressive lunch buffet at a price that will make your wallet smile.

Each of the seven days of the week is especially themed (B.520 net Monday to Thursday and B.580 net Friday and Saturday). All offer the same gourmet spread of buffet favourites but with an additional gastro twist. Monday is “Tex-Mex & More” offering BBQ ribs, tacos, chilli con carne, prawns, quesadillas and burritos. Tuesday is “Extended Tapas”, Wednesday is “Burgers, Salads and Sandwiches” featuring oven baked panini sandwiches, giant subs and bespoke burgers. Thursday’s theme is “Across Asia” with Chinese style dim sum, duck rolls, teppanyaki dishes and also a selection of Indian dishes. Friday is a “Pattaya Seafood 2.0” buffet where all manner of seafood is served hot or cold with lots of grilled to order items. Which brings us to Saturday’s “Weekend BBQ” where the addition of a selection of prime meats and sausages are grilled and cooked Churrasco style with a myriad of dipping sauces to complete the feast. Sunday is one of the hottest brunch spots in Pattaya. The Edge has been wowing brunch goers with its extraordinary spread of over 70 choices comprising regional favourites from the Mediterranean, India, Italy and Asia. So expect polar fresh seafood, pan-fried foie gras, pizzas, pastas, pastries, tarts and a decadent chocolate foundation with marshmallow sticks and fresh fruit.

Mick and I were visiting on a Tuesday so we were looking forward to the extended tapas dishes. Our first foray was to the cold cuts and salad station. Here Parma ham, salamis, cold meats were presented next to salads and marinated peppers and aubergines. Further along the cold table nestled salads from the Lebanon (houmous, fattoush, tabbouleh), fetta salads, cauliflower and mixed vegetables and an impressive DIY Caesar salad table which was very popular judging by the tossing and mixing going on in that corner. Big juicy prawns and crabs sit in their icy igloos making this station a vibrant, healthy opening invitation to the delights of buffet dining.

At the rear of the restaurant chefs are creating noodle and rice dishes to order, trays of vegetables, meats and fish are on offer to mix with your chosen items whilst on the next section soup of the day, fried pork in white wine, fried potatoes and ratatouille sit in their chaffing dishes awaiting your selection. The tapas table offered a myriad of Mediterranean inspired dishes, clams and mussels cooked in a fusion sauce for a spicy twist, prawn coquettes, crisp fried calamari, fish cakes, penne, tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese, octopus and lasagna the array is fit for the most discerning buffet fan.

It was then over to the dessert counters. Luscious, mouthwatering pastries tempt and attract: fruit meringue, cheesecakes, chocolate mocca gateaux all snuggle up to shot glasses filled with mousses, custards and purees topped with swirling creams. Have you craved bread and butter pudding lately? Look no further – here that English family pud takes pride of place kept warm in its heated pan. Vanilla, chocolate and lemon ice creams come with a choice of sauces and preserved fruits for the making of a sundae of your choosing. Tea or coffee completes the Edge dining experience.

Sorry in advance for the pun, but Edge does really have “the edge” on buffet dining. Should you prefer an evening banquet the cost for the International Buffet Dinner is Monday to Thursday and Sunday B.960 net, Friday night is B.1,200 net and Saturday B1,100 net. That spectacular Sunday Brunch is B.1,400 net with the wine buffet an extra B1,100 net.

Before we go we would like to congratulate Sunny and his service team at Edge. Plates are whisked away within minutes of finishing, friendly staff help to carry dishes to your table, they playfully interact with the kids, bring ice cold hand towels and sincerely want to make your visit as pleasant as they can. Service with a smile has never been better illustrated.


14th floor of Hilton Pattaya

Buffets commence at 12 till 2:30 pm.

Tel: 038 253 000


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