Bangkok’s trendiest eatery has arrived in Pattaya

by Mick & Di, The Food Lovers

Pattaya’s restaurant scene is as wide-ranging as that of any tourist destination in the world with the most popular branded establishments planting their flag into Pattaya’s soil. Until now though there was one mighty culinary omission, but that has been rectified. The wait is over – and the talk of the town the Greyhound Café – is in our midst. Sangravee “Ake” Chuaypung is the manager and he is more than happy to explain the history of the company and steer you through the menu.

Located in front of Kaan Show, D’Luck Cinematic Theatre, Thepprasit Road, it’s a striking building reported to have been built at an enormous cost. Three zones offer ground floor eating and drinking with an upper cool cocktail bar plus an alfresco and fashionable terrace for catching the cool breezes. It’s the place to be and Pattaya’s style setters are already on the radar. The décor leans towards the in vogue industrial but with so many elegant twists and modern furnishings, it is chic, stylish and well dressed.

The menu is “Thai and Italian with a twist”; it’s new, innovative, eclectic and delicious. The cocktails are awesome and are sure to refresh as well as impress. The mixologists have stayed up late creating new Thai-inspired cocktails such as their Sand Dog (B.210), containing Sang Som, triple sec, an iced tea cube and iced tea with lime juice for a long refresher with the kick of rum. Coconut Breeze (B.290) is served in an eye-catching glass embracing a tropical treat of Malibu, fresh pineapple and a pineapple/lime juice, while Frozen Blue (B.250) is another Sang Som delight shaken with vodka and blue curacao syrup with lime juice. Both cocktails are made uber-super cool with the addition of liquid nitrogen to wow and impress (and look fantastic in the photos!)

The menu is a sweeping culinary romp (with a twist) through popular Italian dishes and Southeast Asian cuisine. The food is an exciting mélange of everyone’s favourites, but with the Greyhound twist of deconstructing, reinventing, concocting, conceiving and contriving to make it the most inspired cuisine. In addition to their extensive a la carte menu, there is an exclusive Pattaya branch menu bursting with fish-themed dishes reflecting its seaside location. For instance, the signature local dish (B.320) features an accompanying clear soup plus poached freshly-caught tiger prawns, squid and whiting fish topped with a chilli lime sauce and served on fried rice enhanced with a soft-boiled egg. Blue crab is a speciality and prepared in many diverse recipes including the original Chonburi crab egg chilli dip topped with chunks of crab meat, a garden of fresh vegetables and clear soup to complete the combo (B.250). Another firm favourite are the boiled blood cockles served with a spicy peanut sauce (B.180) or the grilled Thai fish cakes craftily presented on sugar cane skewers and served with pickled vegetables.

We started our dinner from the main menu ordering a Fresh Lasagna Salad (B.180) and Seared Scallop Salad (B.490). There are so many soups and salads to choose from. These include Italian Clam and Mussel Soup to Prawn Bisque with Fresh Cream and many more. Meat eaters would be well-served with a variety of diced fillet steak with crisp lettuce and special dressing. While on the subject of sauces and dressings, there is a sauce wizard in this kitchen; there’s spicy tomato salsa, aioli dip—that Mediterranean favourite redolent with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, there’s sweet and sour, peanut, and so many more and they are all exceptional lifting their chosen ingredients to the top of the tree.

The bruschetta comes highly recommended either with a special mushroom topping or their choice house tomato. What else did they tempt us with? Homemade Pate with Cognac and Fresh Green Peppercorns (B.180), a new “Tartine Dip” (B.280) comes with warm bread served with crab rillettes and an unusual sardine dip. For ravioli lovers try these innovative new versions; the first surprise is that they arrive crispy with another great Greyhound salsa and are filled with either velvety spinach and cream or tangy anchovy and clams for that the full umami effect.

We were a full contingent of four for our Greyhound experience and were able to try a whole range of dishes. Chef is always conceptualizing on the traditional and giving it that Greyhound twist. One of the latest additions to the new menu is Oceanic Gang (B.450), an intriguing stir-fried gang of mussels, shrimps, squid and clams liberally tossed with extra virgin olive oil, white wine, dried chillies with lemon and rosemary for that final zing. They serve it with toasted garlic brioche, the perfect vehicle for dunking and scooping up all that finger-licking, unctuous olive oil infused with the tastes of the sea.

Greyhound-Cafe-2We also tasted their signature Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Hot Sauce (B.200) and it was fantastic. Super tender, sweet sashimi smothered in their excellent hot sauce with the plate big enough for sharing; it was a star dish. Of course we also had to try Greyhound’s Famous Fried Chicken Wings (B.140) that flies out of the kitchen every few minutes. They have been marinated in tangy fish sauce and then deep-fried to a crispy, crunchy finale; no residue oil on these babies, just super crisp and crusty.

So many wonderful dishes, we’re running out of space, but must tell you about a few more. B.160 will buy you the best Fresh Spring Rolls we have tasted in some time. Cooked fresh shrimps, chicken, flavoursome pork skin and various veggies have been wrapped in fresh spring roll skins and served zinging with vibrant flavours. And the sauce? It’s everyone’s favourite, that gooey, savoury, sweet and sour sauce.

Still can’t finish without telling you about the waffles. Now alongside the sauce wizard in this kitchen there’s also a waffle wizard. We tried the “original”, crisp yet munchy with lashings of maple syrup melting into the soft butter, topped with a ball of chocolate ice cream. Ummm it was scrumptious. For the real chocolate addicts there’s the Choc Shock Waffle (B.190) which would surely hit the spot. A chocolate chip/cocoa waffle is topped with chocolate sauce and grated flakes and then delivered to your table with the addition of chocolate ice cream.

There’s even more waffles to choose from, laden with fresh fruit, tangy berry sauce, cranberries, red crumble; it’s waffles all the way at Greyhound Café. If none of the above take your fancy then you’re a candidate for the DIY Waffle with a choice of three toppings. Choose two flavours of waffle (Original, Red Velvet, or Chocolate) or you could mix them up. Choose three toppings: shaved chocolate, cheddar cheese, almonds, peanut butter, Nutella, blueberry sauce, raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce, banana, or strawberries, and dive straight in to make your very own bespoke waffle.

We’ve started on delicious, decadent desserts, so let’s carry on. Crepes are there, glorious, sticky crepes either the traditional Suzette or a mixed fruit (for only B.90) including peach. Everything is house-made and yes, there’s another dessert wizard here. Cheesecakes, crumbles, the on-trend sea salt caramel drenched cakes and of course Banoffee with its Oreo heart (B.150).

There are so many culinary masterpieces to be had at this innovative, trendy eatery. Noodles are top favourites as are the groundbreaking vegetarian dishes and oh, so much more. Then there’s the Chalawan Cave award-winning craft beer, but more about those in a separate article. Prices at Greyhound Café are exceedingly reasonable, the ambiance laid-back and friendly and between the three eating/drinking zones it surely meets the zeitgeist of modern Pattaya.

Greyhound Café Pattaya is located in front of Kaan Show, D’Luck Cinematic Theatre, Thepprasit Road, it’s a striking building; you can’t miss it. Do pop in and indulge; you won’t regret it.

Greyhound Café Pattaya
168/8 Moo 12 Thepprasit Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi
Open daily from 11 am to 11 pm (Sun-Thu), 11 am till midnight (Fri-Sat)
Tel: 033 641 287, 033 641 462

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