Date: 9-10 June 2017, Friday-Saturday, 8 pm

Venue: Ben’s Theater, Hanuman area Jomtien

Ben's-Theater-Words-&-Music-flyer“Phoenix Performers of Pattaya”, a new theatre group, brings “Line!”, a comedy written and directed by Tweed Harris.

Line! is a traditional way for an actor to ask for a line he/she has forgotten. In this play, they not only forget lines but seem to have trouble remembering the character names. They forget to enter and sometimes when to exit. But it will all be right on the night – or will it? Line! is a fun look at the trials and tribulations of a director burdened with a group of amateurs.

The second part of the program will be a musical tribute to famous artists and composers.

Tickets at 600 baht per person including free drinks of choice.

For more information:
Ben’s Theater Tel: 038 252 432

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