One-To-Five Piano Class by Hard Rock Pattaya

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Hard Rock Pattaya in partnership with Trirat Foundation held “One-To-Five Piano Class” corporate social responsibility activity for students at Huay Yai School and Baan Amphur School in Chonburi. The activity continued on second day for Hard Rock team members and families at Fillmore room, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya.

The One-To-Five Piano Class was formed by the hotel’s management team and Hard Rock Heals committees. The students, team members and families had a chance to learn and practice the piano. The activity aimed to improve lives and heal through the power of music.

The One-To-Five Piano is an innovative way of playing a keyboard by substituting musical notes with number one (thumb), two (index), three (middle), four (ring), and five (little) fingers in both hands. The technique used in class is simple, approachable and easy to learn. This has the effect of balancing the left and right sides of the brain, thus enabling the brain to continually change and effectively rewire itself. During this active meditation process, when the fingers are moved on the piano keyboard, together with using concentration, feeling, and instinct to move the fingers decisively to the required notes, this invokes the visual motor and auditory mapping process.

Music is the most universal thing in the world. The entire company is excited about using the power of music to make the world a better place for us all. This activity is under the Hard Rock Heals Foundation which is the brand’s global charity focused on funding music programs worldwide. The company exists to improve lives through the power of music.

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