Muay Thai Knee

by Rory Coughlan

Muay Thai knee techniques are as equally important techniques in Muay Thai as anyother. Knee (Kao) is one of the lethal weapons in Muay Thai. The effectiveness  of the knee is equal to that of the elbow if the boxer can execute it properly with a good technique and timing.313

Proform the technique by raising the knee to attack this may a bit harder for beginners as it requires proper balance maintaince when attacking. The main characteristic of the knee is you generally have to be at close-quarter with your opponent but sometimes you can use the knee to attack the opponent while you are in long range such as flying knee kick. In most cases  to use the knee you have to try to grab the opponent’s neck, in order to “lock” and attack. However, when you clinch and knee, you may be attacked by the opponent’s elbow strike The effective way to use Muay Thai knee techniques properly is by thrusting it straight upwards. The targets for the knees are the area around the body upwards towards the chin. The knee attack has to be straight, powerful, and sharp. The knee also should easily turn into a kick for pushing the opponent away in order to prevent the counter attack and double up the pain to the opponent.

To increase the agility of Muay Thai knees the practictioner should practice knee throwing frequently. Learn to mislead the opponent by the weapon and angle of attack before using the weapons. The proper Muay Thai knee techniques thrust must move straight not wavering towards other directions. The tip of the foot must pointed to be ready to use a kick.

Muay Thai Knees Techniques

  • Khao Trong -Straight knee
  • Khao Dode -Jumping knee
  • Khao Nui -Small knee
  • Khao Kratai -Rabbit knee
  • Khao La -Farewell knee
  • Khao Lod -Lower knee
  • Khao Loi -Flying knee
  • Khao chiang -Diagonal Knee
  • Khao Khong -Curving Knee
  • Khao tat -Horizontal Knee
  • Khao top -Knee Slap
  • Khao yao -Knee Bomb
  • Khao loi -Flying Knee
  • Khao yiap -Step-up Knee


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