Muay Thai Punches

by Rory Coughlan

When training in a the art of Muay Thai, students are taught many different techniques. One such technique is the Muay Thai punch. At a time when men did not have any weapons to fight wild animals and even other human beings they made use of every part of their body as a defensive weapon needed for survival. Punching is the easiest defensive and offensive weapon to control compared to the other parts of the body. Muay Thai teachers and trainers emphasize the proper Muay Thai Punch techniques in order to accurately hit the target. One should use the knuckles as this is the most effective way to hit the target. The usual target of a Muay Thai fighter is the area of the upper body towards the face. But regardless of where the punch hits the target it is important to remember to immediately pull back the fist straight away from the opponent in order to prevent exposing yourself to counter-punching. The punch thrown should unnerve the opponent.

IMGL0053Some basic categories of Muay Thai punches, which are learned in Muay Thai are:

  The Jab

  The Straight Punch

  The Hook

  The Swing

  The Uppercut

Muay Thai punches if combined with different style of kicks could badly hurt an opponent especially if it’s executed with so much power. Everyday intensive Muay Thai training enhances a fighter’s skill and senses in mastering the art.

A good punch is a result of harmony and perfect synchronization, namely, the twist of the heels to add momentum to the hips movement, the move of the hips to strengthen the shoulder movement and the turn of the shoulder to add to the power of the punch. Everything must be in synchronization to make the punch effective. The powerful punch will come if you combine forces of shoulder, hip and foot to put additional power of punch.

Twisting the wrists just before the contact is the most useful technique for an effective punching. If you do not have enough technique to throw a punch your punch will often end up against the opponent’s arm guarding. By twisting and pushing its way through the protecting guard. The power and the accuracy of the punch will increase significantly.


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