Top 7 Marathon Training Tips for Women

by Laura Cox,

Make no mistake – when you start to train for running a marathon, it is very hard on both your body as well as your mind. This stress can be translated into great rewards, but only if you train the right way. On the flip side, this stress can be very damaging (physically as well as mentally) if you do things the wrong way.

Some training tips are essential for preparing for your race day. So read the full article, and aim to run across the start and finish line fit and free from injury!

1. Ramp Up Gradually

Nobody can just move from running five miles a day to running fifteen miles overnight. You need to make sure that your training program allows you to gradually progress, both in terms of your pace and the distances you cover.

2. Listen to What Your Body is Saying

Most often you’ll know when you have been overdoing it, as your own body will soon let you know.

When you find yourself feeling absolutely shattered or simply struggle with aches & pains, then do not ignore what your body is telling you and ease up on your training routine.

Any training plan needs to be flexible and you need to remember that it is important that on some days you will feel tired, and yet energized on other days. You should make sure that you follow every hard day with a rest day or much lighter training.

3. Ensure You Eat Well

Simply put, your body only gives out what you put in to it and no more.

If you need your body to perform at its peak and be free from injury whilst both training & racing, then it’s vital you ensure your body has all the food you need to keep it running.

If you don’t know what your body needs in terms of “fuel” then seek the advice of a dietician, as we all have different food requirements.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

The correct hydration is essential when it comes to good body maintenance. Hydration becomes even more crucial when training hard with your body, if not your workouts will suffer.

Having the correct hydration aids greatly with post workout recovery, and it also stops your body from overheating, as well as detoxifying it by removing impurities and toxins by flushing them from your body.

You need to ensure that any water you lose whilst training is replenished straight afterwards.

5. Cross Train as well as Running

Obviously the best way to be faster and stronger at running is simply to run often and far, but don’t let running be your only pre-race training.

Ensure that you cross train at least twice a week by doing low impact aerobic workouts to exercise well and avoid injury at the same time. Cross training like this improves your overall fitness, giving your body an overall rest from all that running.

Some of the ideal cross training options you can try are cycling, swimming, and weight training, with Pilates and yoga being good alternatives to aid with relaxation at the same time.

6. Start a Training Routine and Stick to It

Set up the correct training regime by taking advice from running guides, using the services of a personal trainer, or a running coach.

Your ideal training regime needs to be tailored to your own race needs, as a routine that can work for one person may not work for another. This is because we all have different medical and sporting histories.

7. Invest in Proper Sports Clothing and Shoes

Running is recognized as one of the cheapest sports to get started in, but it’s essential that you buy the right training shoes to minimize injuries and improve your performance.

If you’ve not already invested in good running shoes then go to a specialty running shop to buy one. There are trained staffs in these specialty shops who will look at your feet, your gait and stride pattern, as well as find out your running aspirations and he/she will recommend the appropriate running shoes that best fits your needs.

Another sports equipment that you should invest on is a high-quality sports bra, as you’re likely to run several miles every day. A sports bra will lend you the support that is required to avoid any soreness or discomfort that lots of running may cause.

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