Dalla Campagna: New rustic menus from Italy at La Gritta

La Gritta restaurant at Amari Phuket presents five new rustic menus called “Dalla Campagna” that hail from many regions in Italy. Chef Patrizia has picked some popular dishes, including soup, melanzane, pasta, stewed beef and risotto, and would like guests to experience Italian village food, which is new in Phuket and should not be missed out on. Available only in June 2017, the five dishes are:

Dalla-CampagnaPasta e Fagioli (450 baht ++)
A typical dish that is very popular in southern Italy offers the best taste when served warm.

This gentle soup is mixed with many ingredients, such as borlotti beans, pancetta or Italian bacon, onion, garlic, carrots, vegetable stock and light tomato sauce. Blend all ingredients together before the last step of adding spaghetti noodles. Leave for a while until warm, then add black pepper on top.

Melanzane alla Parmigiana (380 baht ++)
A popular dish in summer, this is available as an appetiser or a main course. An aubergine, tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese are the main ingredients. The cooking method is baking to have all ingredients mixed into one big piece.

Bucatini alla Gricia (450 baht ++)
Bucatini pasta is an original dish from Amatrice, a small village in the middle of Italy.

The shape of Bucatini is similar to that of spaghetti, but is thicker with a hole running through the centre.

Bucatini offers a very good taste when cooked with gricia sauce, which is mixed with bacon, red wine, onions, dry chilli and pecorino cheese.

Spezzatino di Manzo e Patate (680 baht ++)
A beef cube stewed slowly until soft, offering the aroma and full flavour of Italian herbs mixed with red wine, salt, pepper, tomato sauce, vegetable stock and potato. It is good to serve this tender beef stew when the ingredients become creamy.

Risotto al Radicchio e Taleggio (580 baht ++)
A creamy risotto with radicchio and taleggio cheese. This is a typical dish from the north of Italy.

The risotto uses carnaroli rice, which is the best kind of rice for risotto imported from Italy.

One of the main ingredients, the radicchio is cut thin and stewed with the rice and cheese until creamy.

The presentation looks outstanding with the garnishing of fresh radicchio leaves on top.

For more information and reservations, contact 076 340 112, email lagritta@amari.com, or visit www.lagritta.com.

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