CHEERS! RAISE YOUR GLASSES WITH Chalawan Cave Craft Beers at Greyhound Café Pattaya

by Mick & Di Barker

The name Greyhound Café is synonymous with new, innovative quality whether it be their fashion stores, their café society food or the artisan beers they sell in their establishments. Thailand is internationally famous for its food but up until now not for its craft beers. 2010 changed all that when Full Moon Brewworks, based in Phuket, was born and six years later internationally recognised when they won Gold Medal in the World Beer Awards for their Pale Ale. Sukij Thipatima, creator of the microbrewery said recently, “We combine traditional beer-making techniques with the traditions of Thai culinary art. Our approach is to produce beer with lots of flavour made from high-quality malt, hops, yeast and water (known as the Four Pillars of Beer) which is then blended with local herbs, spices and fruits to deliver the distinctive new definition of our craft beer”.


Greyhound recognised the excellence in these brews and the nascent trend for craft beers which is sweeping the globe. Under the label Chalawan Cave, Full Moon Brewworks is now supplying the company with four of their most successful blends, which are fast becoming bestsellers in their new Café in Pattaya.

Chalawan Pale Ale is the Gold Standard for their brews having won the prestigious award in London, England. This Pale Ale carefully balances bitterness and sweetness crafted as it is from blends of Pilsner and roasted Munich malt. It’s medium body and moderate carbonation make it the perfect amber liquid to slake the thirst of a Thai climate. It delivers a malty caramel note flanked by tropical lychee, citrus and floral aromas that glide into a long finish thanks to the robust ‘hoppiness’ profile of the Cascade and Columbus hops. Chalawan Pale Ale is a good thirst quencher and very flavourful, making it the perfect party beer.

Chatri IPA displays the qualities of a perfect tropical Indian Pale Ale. Full Moon Brewworks joined forces with the Australian Stockade Brew Company (winner of the 2015 World Beer Awards) to co-create this new world special ale. The beer has been described as very dimensional with its solid backbone from its blend of pilsner, rye, Australian and speciality hops. Massive flavours and aromas are created by using these four different hops. Prevalent are also nuances of citrus, grapefruit with floral undertones.

Sunset Saison is a brew inspired by the Belgium beer known as Farmhouse Pale Ale. It is made in winter and matured at the beginning of the summer ready for thirst-quenching drinking on a hot day. This delicate and refreshing beer brewed from blends of Pilsner and wheat malts offers a lighter blended drink, with higher carbonation for casual quaffing.

The fourth blend available at Greyhound Café is Ruk Red Lager. This red or Viennese inspired lager is one of the most important historical beer styles having originated in Austria around the 1830s. The blending from Austrian, Munich and Pilsner malts results in its speciality red colour. With its rich malt character with hints of caramel it makes for a medium bodied, almost sweet brew.

These carefully selected beers are exclusively available at the newly opened Greyhound Café Pattaya located in front of Kaan Show, D’Luck Cinematic Theatre. The new-school craft beers are clean-tasting and full of flavour making the ideal partner for the deliciousness of their Thai and Italian cuisine.

Greyhound Café Pattaya

168/8 Moo 12 Thepprasit Road

Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi

Open daily from 11 am to 11 pm
(Sun-Thu), 11 am till midnight (Fri-Sat)

Tel: 033 641 287, 033 641 462

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