Fake Cops Steal to buy drugs

Captaiaptain Nopadon Raksawong of the main cop shop was notified that two Thai men were impersonating police officers and stealing cash and property from luckless victims who had nowhere to turn.

Police and volunteers raced to the spot in Soi Jularat and found Miss Pornsawan Kongtone, aged 28, and her friend waiting for assistance. She stated that two Thai men had approached, stopped her on her motorbike and demanded to look in her bag. Stealing without further pretence, they then ran away into the darkness. One man was wearing a grey T-shirt, the description of the other man was even less helpful.

one-the-less, police later stopped one of the suspects and found in his pocket 500 baht and a mobile phone, precisely the items reported stolen. The suspect also had 30 tablets of fake yaba in his possession. Miss Pornsawan was called to identify the culprit.

The suspect, Narongwit Wongswas, aged 39, readily admitted that he was the robber but he did not know the surname of his friend who was identified only as Chart. He explained that they had no money to buy drugs and had a meeting to decide what to do. They came to the conclusion that stealing from the general public was the easiest thing to do. The suspect now awaits trial and police are hot on the trail of the accomplice.

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