Hot dispute about payment for sex

Police were summoned to south Pattaya after a ladyboy and an Iranian tourist told a different tale of woe concerning a sexual encounter.  Abass Ali, age 45, said that he was walking along the road with his friend when a man dressed as a woman approached and offered a variety of stand-up services for cash.  The Iranian said he had no money for this sort of thing but finally agreed to pay 100 baht.

However, the Iranian went on to say that, following the act, the transgender person demanded 500 baht on the grounds that he was very good at this sort of thing.  The ladyboy then felt in the pants of the foreigner and helped himself to Iranian currency to the value of 70,000 baht.  He asked for the money back but the transvestite said this was out of the question.

The police then took a statement from the ladyboy prostitute, Sonthaya Srijanplaeng, 34, who said that the above was a pile of nonsense, claiming that the Iranian had approached him and requested sex as he was an attractive looking person in a dress.

The agreed price in this version was 500 baht, but at the conclusion the customer had given only 100 baht.  Sonthaya agreed he had looked in the pants to try and find more money but there was nothing there except a handkerchief.  Certainly there was no sign of the Iranian currency as claimed.  Police investigators eventually gave up and dismissed both claimants.

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