Aquatics Academy launches one-stop shop for swimmers

Thanyapura Aquatics Academy has become a one-stop shop for swimmers of all ages and performance levels, according to Robert Hauck, president of the Phuket business. He noted that work on the mind-body barrier is also underway via Thanyapura’s Mind Centre, while the cutting-edge Integrative Health Centre tailors athletes’ diet and training regimes from the DNA level on upwards.
“We have swimming-specific strength training with leading strength and conditioning coaches in world class facilities,” he went on to say, “but beyond that, there’s a positive effect on a diverse range of people of all ages and abilities, from aqua-babies to overweight executives, Paralympic athletes, autistic children, underprivileged Thai children, rehabilitation from injury, Phuket International Academy Day School (PIADS) students, and even Olympic Legends.”
The Aquatics Academy also offers swim training in a non-sporting context as Thanyapura is the only lifeguard, CPR and first aid training facility in Phuket providing certification programs all year round. The lifeguard training programme also offers free swimming lessons to underprivileged children in the community every Saturday morning via the Coconut Club organization.
The Thanyapura Aquatics professional team includes Anna Jones, swim school manager; Randy Simon, head coach, and Chris Gaffney, age group coach.

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