Bomb Scare at Sattahip Market whilst under Curfew

In the early hours of the morning, Sattahip Police Officers received a report of a loud explosion that had taken place from within the Sattahip Market whilst the curfew covering the Sattahip Region was still in effect. Local residents reported to the police that they had seen several young red shirts fleeing the scene.

Arriving at the location, officers discovered that a large, homemade, explosive device had been detonated within the market grounds. A search to find the culprits was launched, and a short while later, a call from Captain Somneug Kaew-marerng, of the Sattahip Naval Base, informed the officers that his men had detained four youths believed to be responsible for the bomb.

Upon arrival at the Naval Base, the officers were informed that the four youths had been observed throwing items into a pond as they were approached by the security personnel. The officers officially arrested the four and returned to the Sattahip Market for further investigation and questioning.

Local residents handed over to the officers varies remains of giant firecrackers and identified the four youths as being the ones they had witnessed fleeing from the scene. The youths admitted that they had purchased a large number of giant firecrackers from a local Sattahip vender, which they then proceeded to break up, filling a large PVC pipe with the gunpowder, attaching a wick and standing back as they lit it.

The prank, that may have got a bit out of hand, resulted in the four young men having the incident recorded on their record, and then an agonising wait as their parents collected them to take them home.

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