Cattle prod victim is in shock

NORWEGIAN citizen Preben Ehefson, aged 37, was walking peacefully along Beach Road (south Pattaya end) when two Thai teenagers sprang out of the blackness of night.  They proceeded to threaten him with a high voltage stick unless he handed over all that was dear to him.
Robbery items included a gold necklace, a watch, a Sony digital camera and around 1,500 baht in cash.  The victim was taken by concerned officers to the Soi 9 cop shop to make a more detailed report.  Here he was able to say where he was staying but could give no description of the attackers except to say they were young.
Police said it was likely these two miscreants were part of a robbery gang of youths known to be operating in the area of Beach Road and its neighbouring joyful sois.  Officers promised to visit street vendors in the area to see if anyone remembered seeing two people with a cattle prod, but admittedly it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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