Drug bust on Pattaya bus

Police arrested three men and a woman and allegedly confiscated 200,000 yaba tablets found on a bus heading for Pattaya from Mae Sai, which is at the Burma border in the north of Thailand. National police deputy Lt. General Chalermkit Sriworakhan said officers had received a tip-off and arrested Suthat Phanjee, 41, whilst he was unloading boxes of drugs at the Pattaya bus station.
Several other arrests shortly followed. A police spokesman said that public buses were a common way of forwarding drugs to holiday resorts as they attracted little suspicion. In a similar case, police seized six kilos of crystal meth as it was being unloaded from a bus to central Bangkok. The government recently ordered a crackdown on illicit drugs trafficking and threatened that any death penalties would be carried out in 30 days following the exhaustion of all legal processes and appeals.

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