Elderly Thai Lady drowns whilst out picking Morning Glory

Police Officers from the Jomtien Division recently received a report from the Sawang Rodjanatham Foundation, of the death of an old lady who had drowned in a shallow trough near her home after going out to pick the vegetable Morning Glory.

The deceased woman, Mrs. Chun Sairatree, aged 75, had been carried back to her home after being discovered by members of her family. They explained to the officers, that as they had tried to retrieve the body, the suction with the water and mud was very strong, they believe that as a result, she had probably lost her balance and not been able to get up.

The police investigators were quite happy that there were no suspicious circumstances, the old lady picked the vegetable every day, was in good health and had excellent eye sight for her age.

Mrs. Sairatree’s body was taken to the hospital for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death before her body is returned to her family for a burial ceremony at the Nongjabtao Temple.

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