Foreign arrivals still jumping up

The Tourism Authority of Thailand projects that the growth in foreign visitor numbers will continue to escalate next year to around 28 million, an increase of seven percent from the current year’s estimate of 24.5 million. Income from this market is expected to grow from 1.14 trillion to 1.32 trillion baht during 2014. Domestic tourism is also seen growing by about nine percent to 700 million baht.
The findings were presented in Bangsaen after a five-day annual workshop for tourism officials. It is believed that some of the growth is likely to be generated because competing destinations are facing problems. For example Japan and China are caught up in territorial disputes, and violence in Egypt is scaring away visitors to Cairo. Thailand is benefitting from the Russian and Chinese markets which are believed to be full of potential. But some officials warn that any outbreak of street violence in Thailand, caused by unpopular government policies, could see a halt to the country’s booming tourism trade.

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