Happy Zones to protect tourists

The “Happy Zone” will be launched in all tourist destinations beginning with Pattaya. Police Col. Apichai Krobpetch, Pattaya police chief, said the national police ordered implementation here to achieve tourist safety, indicating that bad press abroad was a motivating factor. International media has focused on Pattaya as the sex capital of the world, noting that it also has one of the highest crime rates amongst tourist destinations.

Initially there will be four “Happy Zones” in Pattaya. The first stretches from the Wat Chaimongkol intersection to King Café Restaurant on Walking Street; the second takes in the White Inn Hotel to the Marine Discoteque; the third encompasses the area from the Marine Plaza Hotel to the Pattaya 100 Co. Ltd. (on Third Road), and the fourth reaches from Pratumnak Road Soi 16 to Anytime Café on Beach Road.

Different police agencies will monitor each one between 8 pm and 6 am with the intention of deterring crime and underage sex slavery.

Apichai also encouraged business owners to install CCTV. Happy-Zones-to-protect-tourists

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