He said, he said

A transvestite tried filing criminal charges against two Indian men when their sexual encounter turned into a physical struggle and the cross-dresser was sliced by broken glass.
Salaluk Chondee, 26, accused the Indians not only of being responsible for his injuries, but also of reneging on payment of 2,000 baht in return for sexual services and for attempting to rob him and a fellow katoey. After interviewing the accused tourists, Police refused to detain them, suggesting it was a case of he said, she said, so to speak.
From Salaluk’s point of view, he and a cross-dressing colleague had accompanied the two Indians back to their room with the promise of 2,000 baht for sex. But when the transvestites emerged from the shower, they found their customers rummaging through their handbags. A fight ensued, a glass door was broken, and Salaluk was struck three times in the back and shoulder with glass shards.

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