Hug-and-pick on Beach Road

When a 29-year old Russian rejected sexual favors offered by a cross-dresser on Beach Road, the tourist was sent off with an embrace but without his Iphone. The nimble katoey had simultaneously hugged and picked his victim’s pocket. Realizing moments later that he had been robbed, Ilia Mozhaev screamed and caught the attention of nearby police volunteers who, in turn, caught the fleeing transvestite in front of the Hard Rock Hotel. The suspect, 31-year-old Chokchai Chonsoongnoen from Khon Kaen, denied all charges. He claimed he had already had sex with the Russian and was not paid. Later, he said, the customer dropped the phone and Chokchai picked it up and kept it as remuneration. All was fine, the katoey noted, until the two met again on Beach Road. Suspect and victim were taken to the nearby police station for questioning.

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