Kidnapping leads to Dutch man paying 90,000 euros ransom

The Pattaya Police Department recently got a visit from Dutch national, Mr. William Peter Alexander, aged 41, who explained to the officers that he had been kidnapped, held to ransom, and eventually released after the payment had been received by the kidnappers.

Mr. Alexander explained that he knew the principal individual involved, a supposed friend, who he had recently lent money to. The friend, Mr. Robert Stirring, aged 36, approached Mr. Alexander whilst he was eating at McDonalds in the Royal Garden Plaza, and explained that he had the money to repay Mr. Alexander in his car. They walked to the car, in front of the Welcome Plaza on Pattaya Second Road, however, upon arrival, two further foreign men accosted him at gunpoint, blindfolded and gagged him and bundled him into the car before driving to an unknown address.

Upon arrival at the safe house Mr. Stirring demanded that he pay the three men 90,000 euros or they would kill him. He was allowed to contact one of his relatives in Holland, who arranged for the ransom to be paid directly into a bank account in the Netherlands. Upon confirmation that the money had been paid, the three men then released Mr. Alexander as promised, at this stage he went directly to the police and reported the incident.

Following a police investigation the two accomplices were identified as Mr. Frantisek Janku, aged 37, and Mr. Daniel Motycka, aged 36, both from the Czech Republic, who were both arrested after a special taskforce made a swoop as the men walked along Pratamnak Soi 4. Mr. Alexander was on hand to formally indentify the two assailants.

The two arrested men admitted to the crime and took the officers to a three story house where they had detained Mr. Alexander whilst he arranged the transfer of the ransom. Mr. Stirring, who orchestrated the kidnapping is still at large, however, police are confident of an imminent arrest.

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