Law targets foreigners and faux tour guides

Foreigners are using Thai nominees as a ploy to buy land in Pattaya, it was revealed by inspectors with the Department of Special Investigations (DSI). Such schemes are not only illegal, inspectors stress, they also are bad for the Eastern Seaboard in general. Consequently, investigators and representatives of the tourist industry agreed to obtain the support of the Immigration Police to end the practice.
The two entities met in Pattaya to discuss a variety of “irregularities” in the tourist business. Officials pointed to scams perpetrated on tourists by bogus tour guides who have no qualifications or certification. These pretenders fleece foreign tourist groups in a variety of ways, including compelling them to buy souvenirs from vendors who “secretly” bribe the guides. This is illegal.
The DSI has been charged with the mission of eradicating such improper practices in tourist-dominated areas of the country. Other areas can breathe easy.

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