Murdered girl found in crash victims car

Soon after midnight recently the Pattaya Police Department received a report from the Sawang Rodjanatham Rescue Foundation to alert them to a road accident that had resulted in a white Toyota Vios colliding with an electricity pylon. Officers quickly made their way to the scene at Bang Saray Beach Road.

The driver of the vehicle, local seafood restaurant chef, Khun Suphit Phonphaew, aged 35, had already been transferred to the Queen Sirikit Hospital with severe head and neck injuries, following life saving treatment at the scene. However, the twist in the tale was the body of Miss Piyanat Sadsang, aged 28 and an insurance saleswoman, dead in the passenger’s seat, with clear indication she had died as a result of a frenzied knife attack. She had a number of deep stab wounds in her chest and a bloody kitchen knife was found in the foot well of the vehicle. The body of Miss Sadsang was transported to the Sattahip Hospital for a full autopsy to confirm she died from her stab wounds.

Under questioning from the police, the injured man admitted that he had stabbed and killed his girlfriend, Miss Sadsang, as a result of an intoxicated rage he had succumbed to, after a heated argument at Bang Saray Beach. He explained that the couple had been going through a rough patch, primarily because Miss Sadsang insisted on going out on her own with friends, he believed she was seeing another man.

He stated to the officers that after he finished work he telephoned her and arranged to meet at the beach to try and sort out their problems, however, with the argument becoming more heated, he lost his temper, and stabbed her to death. When asked where he intended to go with his dead girlfriends body, he explained that he was not certain she was dead, and was taking her to the hospital when he lost control of the car and hit the electric pylon.

Police speculate that as a result of the killing, Mr. Phonphaew, may have intentionally crashed into the pylon in an attempt to cause his own death, and escape punishment for the murder. At the moment he is still in hospital suffering some minor brain damage and severe whiplash.

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