Murdered Thai woman found after a week

Responding to reports of a stench emanating from a house in Areeya Villa estate, Police found the fully-clothed body of 44-year-old Nonglak Chaloeychanya. The woman was on the bloody kitchen floor with extensive head injuries. Police think she had been dead for almost a week.
The deceased’s sister, Malee Chaloeychanya, 54, told investigators she had discovered the body after becoming concerned when her sister did not answer the phone or respond to e-mails. When she visited the house she was unable to enter, but became suspicious of the smell. The victim’s Pakistani husband reportedly operates a restaurant in Switzerland and was out of the country. Police are searching for this man’s brother who, according to Malee, often quarreled with Nonglak. Neighbors confirmed the story, adding that two men of Middle East appearance had visited Nonglak a week before she died. Inquiries continue.

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