Security guard has it taped

The attempted robbery of a Pattaya hotel ended in disappointment for the thieves after a security guard was found covered in Scotch tape.
Three people rented a room at the hotel, then complained about a problem with the air conditioner. When the security guard, 62-year-old Saan, responded to the guests’ room, they bound him with tape, then requested the front desk clerk, 39-year-old Jinnapahat, to come to their room. She refused, sensing something was wrong because of Saan’s lengthy absence.
After the trio’s second futile attempt to lure the receptionist to their room, they made a quiet exit. Shortly afterwards, Jinnaphat went to the room and discovered the bound security guard.
Police are making inquiries, suspecting that the trio intended to bind the receptionist also before ransacking the front office, safe and cash register for cash and jewelry.

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