Suspicious death at Pattaya condo

Police superintentendent Nanthawut Suwanlaong was notified that a Thai woman had been found dead on the 14th floor of a condominium resort in Pratumnak Hill and a team was promptly dispatched to the scene.  There the corpse of Miss Saifon Kamonrueng, aged 21, was lying dead on the floor of an apartment.  There was a bruise on her neck but no sign of a struggle.
Lying unconscious in the hotel lobby was an Iranian man, Mr Saeed Dehghan, aged 30, who was known to be the boyfriend of the deceased.  A Pattaya city hall official told police he had been approached by Mr Dehghan who asked to be escorted back to the premises of the condo.
At the condo, Mr Dehghan fainted and received first aid attendance on the spot.  After later questioning, he agreed he had had a heated argument with the Thai woman and had then gone out.  Although Mr Dehghan disclaimed all knowledge of how his girlfriend died, there are suspicious circumstances. There will be another intensive interrogation coming up soon.

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