Taxi driver bilked

A novel scam bilked a taxi driver out of 1,000 baht.
A Thai man approached cabbie Uthai Yotsombat, 40, saying he had four customers waiting to go to Suvarnabhumi airport. Each was willing to pay 500 baht. The con man offered to provide all four customers to the taxi driver in return for a 1,000 baht commission–in advance. The cabbie agreed, as he was returning to Bangkok anyway.
The two men drove to the Ravadee Resort, where the four passengers were supposedly waiting. The cabbie handed over 1,000 baht and waited while his new acquaintance fetched the hotel guests from their rooms. After waiting alone for 30 minutes with no sign of the passengers or the con man, Uthai asked at the front desk. When told that no guests were checking and no one had ordered a taxi, he surged frantically for the con man, but in vain.

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