Thai Wisdom and Health Fair held at Pattaya’s Dusit Thani Hotel

One of Pattaya’s finest hotels, the Dusit Thani, was recently the venue for a fair under the banner of ‘Health Innovations and Thai Wisdom’, the event took place on 13th March and was aimed at promoting Pattaya’s business and tourism sector. Pattaya City Deputy Mayor, Khun Weerawat Khakhai, together with the Burapha Management and Tourism Director, Khun Wutthichat Suntharasamai, took great pleasure in officially opening the fair and welcoming all the delegates. Students from the Burapha University were on hand to offer expert health care advice.

Following the opening ceremony, Khun Khakhai, gave a speech to the delegates on the recent downturn in tourism in the area and the effect it was having on the local economy. He explained that in excess of 1 million tourists are attracted to Pattaya each year and with them, they bring a very impressive 60-70 Billion Baht. With the last two years seeing a significant lowering of visitors it was down to the City Hall and private companies and individuals to put on such functions to help in these worrying times.

The Deputy Mayor, stated that the City Administrators were working very closely with other organisations in an attempt to clean up the image of our beloved city. An increase in the variety of events being staged over the coming year will hopefully attract visitors for the first time, and returning guests. He explained that the police were taking a very hard stand against crime of all types throughout the whole area, especially in areas with a high volume of visiting tourists.

Following the speeches, visitors were free to take a walk around the shows many attractions.

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