Was local food vendor the Mastermind behind Water Meter Robberies?

Residents of the Wantip Village 1 in Soi Neun Plub Wan recently awoke to find that their water had been disconnected. Some of the house owners discovered that their water meters had gone completely, stolen during the night, a total of 10 in all.

Local resident, Khun Supasar, aged 29, explained that he had awoken to the sound of a dog barking and a motorbike being driven off at high speed at around 3.00 in the morning, but thinking nothing of it, he had turned over and gone back to sleep.

It was also reported that a few days previously, a middle aged food vendor had been heard asking if the village had security guards at night, and residents believe that as he was told there was no night security, it is probable, that he is the main suspect in the robberies.

The police have been notified, and local sops have been asked to report to the police anyone attempting to sell them water meters.

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